The Promise of Blockchain for Business

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September 11, 2018
The Promise of Blockchain for Business

Supply Chains on Blockchain

Pratik Soni, co-founder and CEO of Omnichain, is out talking to top-tier businesses about the power of moving their supply chain to their Blockchain solution. Complicated, multi-national trade arrangements are simplified on the Blockchain across the globe. Soni adds the Omnichain solution, “cuts cycle time, turnaround time and helps forecast replenishment across the entire supply chain.”

Omnichain continues to build use cases in transportation, food and beverage, health care and other industries.  From patient records to FDA food compliance, Blockchain has a part to play in ensuring all sorts of processes are executed without error, which as anyone in business knows all too well, quickly translates into lost revenue.

“For instance, the healthcare industry has struggled with the proper sharing and storage of medical data and records,” Soni says. “With countless patients, doctors’ offices, hospitals and insurance providers located around globe, there is high potential for error, fraud and lost records, which has created distrust among patients and healthcare providers. Blockchain technology can help rebuild that trust by storing medical records in a secure network that can only be accessed by the connected patients and authorized healthcare providers.”

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