Proactive supply chain management for the agriculture industry

Agriculture is one of the most important industries, as agribusiness leaders provide supplies like seeds for farmers and thereby food necessary for people and animals to thrive.

In touching so many lives, the agriculture industry also involves a uniquely complex supply chain. When each disparate link in the supply chain uses its own systems, disconnects inevitably emerge, making it difficult to gauge demand, plan production and allocate products. You wind up making inaccurate decisions that can pose heavy costs.

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Discover Omnichain ERA

Our intelligent process automation platform includes an entire suite of applications designed for critical supply chain management functions, ranging from supplier integration to intelligent planning, and more.

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We unite all supply chain data on our connectivity mesh, giving stakeholders full visibility into demand, inventory, sales and more in real time.

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Our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models run predictive and prescriptive analytics from holistic data to guide you towards the best outcomes.

From reactive to proactive production planning

The Problem:

When supply chains feature disparate systems, pre-production planning can be exhausting for decision-makers who must reference multiple sources of truth regarding demand and global inventory levels.

Most therefore take reactive approach, risking over-production (leading to unnecessary costs and waste) or under-production and poor inventory allocation (leading to poor customer relations).

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The Omnichain Solution:

Intelligent forecasts and recommendations based on real-time market conditions

With the help of Omnichain ERA’s dimensional rapid intelligent planning  (DRIP) application, you can switch to a proactive approach to production planning and inventory allocation, including based on different projected scenarios.

We enable multi-echelon forecasts based on:

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Real-time downstream demand

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Sales projections from farmers

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The global agricultural market and seasonal conditions

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Historical sales data

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Land cultivation trends

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Farming cycles according to seed type

Optimize future supply planning

The Problem:

Inaccurate demand forecasts also present challenges when working with suppliers, as forecasts directly impact their scheduling, production and performance.

Therefore, integrating suppliers into any future supply planning is critical to ensuring they provide the precise amount of products or materials to meet forecasted demand—and you don’t face fulfillment delays or supply shortages.

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The Omnichain Solution:

Enhanced supply chain visibility for proactive process execution

Omnichain ERA offers a simple supplier integration application that connects you with your suppliers, giving you accurate, real-time insight into their available resources and materials, while enabling improved communication and collaboration around demand.
The platform will send you proactive alerts about global supply and demand balance, as well as recommendations for process execution.

With the resulting supply chain visibility, you can:

Reallocate unsold seeds across the distribution network based on demand

Track and trace seed lifecycles to ensure older seeds are given higher sales priority

Position new seed supply to the most efficient distributor based on forecasted demand

By implementing ERA, our clients have seen:


improvement in forecast accuracy


increase in operational efficiency


increase in working capital


improvements in customer satisfaction

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