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Supply Chain

In today’s consumer electronics supply chains, the sheer number of parts, products and partners involved can make it difficult for companies to manage forecasting, planning and production—particularly when each stakeholder uses its own siloed system to manage their link in chain.

How can you connect and streamline these disparate links so that your electronics supply chain runs as one, well-oiled machine?

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Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Omnichain

Discover what’s possible with Omnichain ERA

An intelligent supply chain process automation platform:

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Our innovative connectivity mesh bridges information gaps by connecting all stakeholders.  

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Holistic supply chain data is decentralized on a shared ledger that sets the perfect foundational layer for our AI models to analyze, orchestrate and automate operations.

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We enable every stakeholder to work together digitally to proactively meet demand and drive profitability.

Break down data silos for transparency and trust

The Problem:

Many consumer electronics companies have little insight into crucial supplier activity. Lack of visibility upstream often leads to production delays and raises ethical concerns over questionable component origins.

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The Omnichain Solution:

Enable transparency & real-time data flow

Omnichain ERA enables complete transparency between you and your suppliers. Our supplier integration & management application gathers accurate, real-time data on available resources and materials upstream, so that all supplier data can be viewed and validated.

With this insight, your business can:

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Ensure a steady flow of components from a multitude of sources

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Reduce manufacturing lead times and avoid production delays  

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Lower materials spend through strategic purchasing

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Improve communication on forecasted purchase orders

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Use and validate ethically sourced materials

Find the perfect balance of supply and demand

The Problem:

Overproduction and excess inventory mean:

  • High carrying costs
  • Heavy markdowns that hurt profits
  • Obsolete products that become waste  

Underproduction and untimely replenishment mean:

  • Out-of-stocks
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Lost customer loyalty
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The Omnichain Solution

Omnichain ERA offers a suite of supply chain applications

Built to help companies take control of demand and production:

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Demand Planning & Forecasting

Generate accurate short-term and long-term demand forecasts based on real-time data.  

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Supply Planning & Execution

Automatic and proactive inventory positioning around regions where demand is high.

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Channel Assortment & Merchandising

Generate product placement and proactive replenishment suggestions, and automate replenishment processes

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Warehouse & Inventory Management

Optimize stock levels throughout the whole supply chain.

Streamline returns and reverse logistics

The Problem:

Electronics companies often face hurdles when moving products back upstream for repair, refurbishment, warranty or disposal:

  • Unclear item and component origins due to data silos
  • Complicated warranty policies and processes
  • Counterfeit returns that hurt product quality and brand reputation
  • Complex regulations surrounding electronics disposal
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The Omnichain Solution

Omnichain ERA makes it easy to manage aftermarket activity

Our RMA & returns management application streamlines reverse logistics, helping you:

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Validate the provenance of returned items

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Verify components used in remanufacturing are OEM-grade

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Streamline warranty management and minimize fraudulent claims

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Immediately identify counterfeit items, preventing leaks into the supply chain

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Document proper disposal and sustainable recycling practices

By implementing ERA, our clients have seen:


improvement in forecast accuracy


increase in operational efficiency


increase in working capital


improvements in customer satisfaction

Are you ready to upgrade your consumer electronics supply chain?

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