Supply chain management solutions

Dynamic supply chain management for the CPG industry

Today’s manufacturers must manage hyper-complex, global supply chains stretching across multiple suppliers, production sites, distributors and channel partners. With so many disparate stakeholders and links, lack of visibility unfortunately becomes a common problem, leading to costly, reactive decisions that impact supply and demand balance and profitability.

How can your CPG company improve visibility, agility and profitability across your supply chain?

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Discover Omnichain ERA, our intelligent supply chain management platform, anchored by blockchain.


ERA connects the data from the various systems and stakeholders across your supply chain on our blockchain-enabled mesh connectivity layer.


Holistic, permanent data on blockchain sets the perfect data foundation for our AI and machine learning models to run predictive and prescriptive analysis.


Optimize critical tasks like demand forecasting, supply chain planning and supplier integration with our suite of AI-powered applications.

Build trust and traceability

The Problem:

Suppliers play an essential role in the CPG supply chain, as the quality and integrity of their components and raw materials directly impact the final product sold to consumers. You need to make sure supplies are available to meet demand, as well as uphold your organization’s standards.

The Omnichain Solution:

Simple systems integration and tools for supplier collaboration

The Omnichain ERA platform includes a supplier integration and management application that easily plugs into any supplier system or database, giving you real-time visibility and insights that build trust, accountability and traceability across your supply chain.


Work together to ensure enough supplies are available to maintain manufacturing output and meet consumer demand—as it fluctuates.


Authenticate all incoming materials meet your standards for quality, ethical sourcing and sustainability before they leave suppliers’ plants.


Support regulatory compliance and the mitigation of product recalls with immutable, traceable data logged on blockchain.

Drive profitability with full-circle visibility

The Problem:

Without real-time visibility across the entire supply chain, it’s hard to understand what consumer demand looks like and where that demand is coming from at a given moment. Today, most CPG companies thus operate under a reactive model. Demand for a product rises, so they increase production and output. When that item runs out of stock, they send more to fill warehouses and store shelves.

But such a reactive model runs the risk of:

  • Out of stocks, lost sales and unhappy consumers when demand suddenly spikes
  • Increased carrying costs for excess inventory when demand unexpectedly falls



The Omnichain Solution:

Real-time, full-circle data for proactive process optimization

Omnichain ERA gives you a full-circle view of your supply chain together with real-time, intelligent tools for the execution, orchestration, and optimization of operations to meet demand at all levels.

Dimensional rapid intelligent planning (DRIP) takes into account a multitude of market conditions to give you dynamic short-term and long-term demand forecasts.

Supply planning & execution automatically generates proactive recommendations for inventory positioning to drive efficiency and allocate products to the right channels and regions.

Warehouse & inventory management optimizes product availability and stock levels so you have goods available when and where they are wanted most.

Together, these tools allow you to stay ahead of the curve and drive profits with the perfect balance between supply and demand.

By implementing ERA, our clients have seen:


improvement in forecast accuracy


increase in operational efficiency


increase in working capital


improvements in customer satisfaction

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