Supply chain management solutions

Food supply chain optimization

When each piece in this complicated puzzle relies on its own systems, databases and metrics, disconnects emerge that make it difficult to work cohesively on important aspects of the food business:

Meeting consumer demand
Minimizing waste
Complying with food safety regulations
Preventing and mitigating recalls
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Discover Omnichain ERA

Discover Omnichain ERA, our intelligent process automation platform designed to provide you full-circle connectivity and visibility across your food supply chain.


Using blockchain, the ERA connectivity mesh brings the disparate links in your supply chain together, giving you real-time, transparent and holistic data


Connected data on blockchain fuels our AI and machine learning models that deliver predictive and prescriptive insights to guide decision-makers


ERA includes a suite of plug-and-play AI applications for critical supply chain functions, including supplier management, supply planning, demand forecasting, and more.

Get proactive with food production and replenishment

The Problem:

When supply chains are fragmented, it’s hard to gauge and predict consumer demand. Decision-makers end up taking a reactive approach to demand planning and replenishment, which can unfortunately result in costly supply and demand imbalances:

  • Excess inventory due to increased production on items that were in high demand—but no longer are—which also increases waste
  • Under-projection of demand and inadequate replenishment, resulting in out-of-stocks, unhappy customers and lost sales

The Omnichain Solution:

Real-time insight into consumer demand to support proactive decisions

With real-time data flow across the supply chain, Omnichain ERA gives you instant insight on what people are buying and where to help achieve supply and demand equilibrium.

Dynamic rapid intelligent planning (DRIP) generates short-term and long-term demand forecasts so you can proactively plan production upstream.

Warehouse & inventory management shows you what stock levels look like across all channels at a given moment.

Channel assortment & merchandising guides you on where to strategically place products to maximize sales—by region down to the planogram level.

Supply planning & execution ensures you have the right products in the right quantities at the right time.

By achieving perfect supply and demand equilibrium, you not only save on costs and grow profits, but also improve sustainability with less overproduction, resource usage and waste.

Gain complete insight into product provenance

The Problem:

How do you guarantee your products are organic, gluten-free, among other considerations that matter to consumers? It takes a single source of truth that follows the product’s entire journey from farm to fork. Such traceability is also necessary for food safety and combatting product recalls.



The Omnichain Solution:

Immutable full-circle data logged on blockchain

Omnichain ERA’s supplier integration and management application connects with any supplier’s system of record. Supplier data is then logged to our connectivity mesh with data from other stakeholder systems across the supply chain.

Immutable, holistic supply chain information allows you to:

Trace product provenance to confirm commitment to company standards

Build confidence in your products in the eyes of consumers

Protect your brand against possible food fraud

Discover the source of food safety issues to support targeted recalls

By implementing ERA, our clients have seen:


improvement in forecast accuracy


increase in operational efficiency


increase in working capital


improvements in customer satisfaction

Ready to see the full circle of your food supply chain?

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