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Today’s fashion brands can reach consumers through more channels than ever before—from department stores to e-commerce partners as well as their own online and offline stores.

While the multitude of channels has created more sales opportunities, it’s also resulted in hyper-complex global supply chains. Brands must now try to manage inventory and distribution to various channels, all while forecasting demand and coordinating production.

How can you simplify supply chain management for the fashion industry?

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Discover what’s possible with Omnichain ERA

Our intelligent supply chain process automation platform

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We connect end-to-end supply chain data in an innovative, transparent connectivity mesh

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Our AI models deliver predictive and prescriptive insights for better decision-making and planning

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We have a full suite of applications for supply chain functions like channel allocation, demand forecasting, inventory management and more.

Stay on top of demand forecasting

The Problem:

When you have supply chain silos, it makes demand forecasting and planning difficult. Most brands opt for a reactive approach, where hot items run out of stock, so they send more to distribution centers and stores.

But this leaves you always one step behind the curve, which can lead to excess inventory and costs—or out-of-stocks and unhappy customers.

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The Omnichain Solution:

Predictive and prescriptive analytics based on full-circle data

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Demand Planning & Forecasting: Generate accurate forecasts based on real-time data so you can find the perfect balance between supply and demand.

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Supply planning & execution: AI recommendations show the best inventory positioning based on future demand and regional sales, reducing delivery time and upping customer satisfaction.

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Warehouse & inventory management: Real-time insights give you visibility across all channels, so you can optimize inventory levels and minimize carrying costs.

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Supplier integration & management: Easy integration with supplier systems allows you to work together to meet demand, anticipate production delays and reduce lead times.

Offer an omnichannel retail experience

The Problem:

Consumers now expect omnichannel retail experiences, where everything is seamless between purchases, fulfillment and returns—whether they’re shopping in store, online, or on mobile.

For many brands, delivering an omnichannel experience presents challenges due to disconnects between their online and offline systems. They simply can’t communicate with each other.

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The Omnichain Solution

Technology that weaves together all retail channels

We can bring data and transactions from your disparate systems and databases, decentralizing the information a distributed ledger. This enables you to bridge the gaps between multiple channels to deliver one holistic, experience:

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Online and mobile shoppers can see the inventory of nearby stores

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Online orders can be completed or fulfilled directly from stores

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Customers can return any online purchases inside physical stores

Protect your brand from counterfeits

The Problem:

Counterfeit and gray market goods are an unfortunate reality for any highly sought-after brand. Such products don’t meet your quality standards and can dilute your brand name in the eyes of consumers.

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The Omnichain Solution

Immutable product lifecycle data for authentication

ERA records and timestamps every touchpoint, transaction and product movement in the supply chain. Whether you’re in the business of designer handbags or outerwear, you can have full transparency and traceability across a product’s entire lifecycle to verify authenticity.

We also integrate with any product authentication system, such as Certilogo®. Companies and consumers alike can then validate a product’s authenticity based on a trusted, immutable system of record.Are you ready to connect your business, sales channels, and supply chain?

By implementing ERA, our clients have seen:


improvement in forecast accuracy


increase in operational efficiency


increase in working capital


improvements in customer satisfaction

Are you ready to connect your business, sales channels, and supply chain?

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