Dynamic demand planning and forecasting

Achieve the perfect balance between supply and demand with accurate demand forecasts based on holistic, real-time supply chain data

The consumer demand challenge

Demand planning and forecasting are critical aspects of managing a profitable and sustainable supply chain. But they can also be extremely challenging given the rate at which consumer demand fluctuates.

The difficulties are made all the worse when you’re faced with data silos, where retail channel partners, warehouses and production sites across the supply chain each manage their respective roles using distinct databases and systems.

These fragmented operations prevent upstream decision-makers from accurately gauging downstream demand, leading to costly supply and demand imbalances and implications:

Out-of-stocks for in-demand products
Excess inventory and carrying costs
Lost sales across channels
Unsatisfied customers

Discover proactive demand planning

At Omnichain, our intelligent process automation platform ERA enables a proactive approach to demand planning and forecasting. We use the latest digital technologies like blockchain to connect the disparate parts of your supply chain, as well as AI to generate predictive insights so you can stay ahead of demand.

Decentralize data on a distributed ledger

Our innovative mesh connectivity layer powered by blockchain decentralizes and connects data from all supply chain participants. The data becomes transparent and accessible to everyone making key business decisions.

Gain real-time insight into consumer demand

With Omnichain ERA, data flows seamlessly in real time between every participant on the value chain. Production planners can therefore get immediate insight into what consumers are buying and where demand signals are coming from.

Proactively optimize production and distribution

Our AI and machine learning models can take your data, factor in a multitude of variables and factors, and generate their own forecasts, in addition to intelligent recommendations on how you can reach a profitable supply and demand equilibrium.

A new ERA of predictive intelligence

See into the future:

Short- and long-term demand forecasts
Supply projections
Replenishment suggestions
Inventory positioning

Realize an agile, profitable and competitive supply chain that supports a positive business growth trajectory.

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