Supply chain management solutions for small and medium-sized companies

Omnichain understands the unique supply chain challenges and priorities of small and medium-sized companies. Your business is growing, but so too are your supply chain complexities. The number of orders, products, sales channels, partners and suppliers are quickly outpacing the systems and processes that got you here so far. You need a supply chain management solution that can help you streamline and optimally orchestrate your operations, while prioritizing:





Fast-track to digital transformation

Along a rapid growth trajectory, small and medium-sized companies often accumulate a multitude of systems, databases and manual processes. These patchwork ways of managing the supply chain may have worked in the short term, but are unsustainable in the long run.

Our intelligent process automation platform ERA is designed to help you digitize and connect your disparate data on blockchain, giving you full transparency and visibility across the supply chain so you can manage your growth in a single system.

ERA not only connects your supply chain data, but also highlights the best ways to act on it using Omnichain’s own proprietary AI and machine learning models. Get insights to meet demand, drive profitability and exceed customer expectations—real digital transformation.

It won’t take months either. We boast an industry-leading 90-day implementation timeline, from proof of concept to go live, fast-tracking you to digital transformation.

Supply chain management at scale

When you invest in technology, you need a solution that can meet your needs today and grow with you into the future.

Thanks to a best-of-breed, Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) deployment model, the Omnichain ERA platform is fully scalable with an organization and its supply chain, as all you need to start sharing and accessing data on the distributed ledger is an internet browser.

The BaaS model also makes ERA very affordable with low-cost, monthly subscriptions that can fit any IT budget.

Get ahead by staying ahead

When you’re a small or medium-sized company, you’re vying for the same customers and market share as large enterprises. How do you level the playing field? By thinking smarter and ahead of the competition.

This means being able to proactively anticipate consumer demand, supply levels and external disruptions so you can readily adapt. That type of power lies in data.

Our AI-enabled applications can harness holistic supply chain data on blockchain to deliver proactive, intelligent recommendations for critical functions like:

Demand forecasting
Channel allocation
Transportation management
Supplier integration
And much more...

The Omnichain ERA difference


of manual processes automated


reduction in supply chain cycle time


immediate increase in sales

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