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Revitalizing health & wellness supply chain management

The health & wellness business is fast and fierce, where trends change at the speed of light, tastes vary region to region, and competition is high. Yet, supply chain disconnects make it nearly impossible for brands to sense and adapt to demand in real time.

How can your health & wellness company build a more connected, transparent and demand-driven supply chain?  

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Meet Omnichain ERA, our intelligent process automation platform

Using our innovative connectivity mesh, Omnichain ERA connects and decentralizes data from all stakeholders across the supply chain, creating a holistic record of all transactions and product movements. Our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms then run predictive analytics, generating insights for planning and managing processes.

The ERA platform includes a suite of supply chain applications to keep health & beauty brands:

On trend with dynamic demand forecasting and proactive replenishment  

On target with products intelligently allocated to the right channels

On top with a trusted image and a competitive edge

Real-time data reveals true demand

The Problem:

Ecommerce sites and social platforms to retail chains, drugstores, salons, and luxury boutiques. But without visibility into what consumers are buying in real time, inefficiencies and imbalances emerge:  

  • Inaccurate demand forecasts
  • Lack of clarity during channel allocation
  • Reactive inventory replenishment
  • Excess inventory, high carrying costs and markdowns
  • Underproduction, out of stocks and lost sales

The Omnichain Solution:

Omnichain ERA offers applications to help you  position the right products, in the right place, at the right time:

Dimensional, rapid, intelligent planning (DRIP) generates accurate short-term and long-term demand forecasts based on real-time sales data.

Channel assortment & merchandising automates proactive inventory replenishment—down to SKU, channel and location.

Supply planning & execution offers automated and proactive recommendations for inventory positioning, strategically positioning goods near regions with high demand.

Warehouse & inventory management automates and optimizes inventory management throughout the entire supply chain.

Transparency and traceability build consumer trust  

The Problem:

Today’s savvy shoppers support companies that produce safe, sustainable, and ethically sourced goods. Health & beauty brands that earn consumer loyalty are those that can:

  • Offer greater transparency into production processes and business practices
  • Valid ingredient origins and product attributes like “cruelty-free,” “paraben-free,” and “hypoallergenic”
  • Ensure the integrity of goods with special handling and storage requirements

Safe & Ethically Sourced


The Omnichain Solution:

Full-circle visibility and transparency across the product lifecycle

Omnichain ERA tracks and traces individual products throughout every level of the supply chain, so that you can deliver complete transparency into processes and products:

Upstream, our supplier integration & management application gathers accurate, real-time data from supplier systems on all resources and materials to support strategic, ethical and sustainable sourcing efforts, and authenticate product provenance.

Downstream, our IoT & transportation management application integrates data from any Internet of Things (IoT) device to monitor transport and storage conditions and ensure quality, safety and compliance with FDA regulations.

By implementing ERA, our clients have seen:


improvement in forecast accuracy


increase in operational efficiency


increase in working capital


improvements in customer satisfaction

Ready to realize the beauty of a connected, transparent, demand-driven supply chain? Request a demo today.

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