Enhance visibility and traceability across your supply chain

A full circular view of your supply chain eliminates uncertainties and empowers smarter, proactive decisions that boost profitability

Supply chain silos and disconnects

Today’s supply chains are wide and varied, involving numerous stakeholders, from suppliers and production sites, to distributors, sales channels and consumers—and everyone in between.

When each of these stakeholders relies on their own systems, databases and records to manage their respective role, it’s hard to get a complete picture of your supply chain. Silos unfortunately emerge that lead to costly decisions:

Uncertainties around product provenance
Inaccurate demand forecasts
Supply and demand imbalances
Increased waste and lack of sustainability
Inefficient fulfillment and customer service
The mishandling of product recalls

Visibility and traceability through Omnichain ERA

The Omnichain intelligent process automation platform ERA is designed to help you connect your supply chain for a full circular view of consumer demand, sales, channel inventory, transportation, production, partners and suppliers.

Decentralized holistic supply chain data

We use distributed ledger technology, a.k.a. blockchain, to connect supply chain data from your various stakeholders, bringing them onto our innovative connectivity mesh. The information is decentralized and made in real time to support orchestration and proactive decisions around meeting demand and driving business growth.

Immutable and fully traceable records

One of the benefits of blockchain is that any logged data is permanent and tamperproof, giving you a traceable record of a product’s entire lifecycle. This provides you greater confidence in product provenance, which you can pass onto the consumer. You can also easily trace quality or safety issues to their source, protecting your consumers and business from the impact of recalls.

Intelligent recommendations to guide your supply chain

Our connectivity mesh sets the perfect data foundation for our own artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models that can take that holistic data and run predictive and prescriptive analytics to guide you towards the best business outcomes.

An industry-leading implementation timeline

Using a best-of-breed, Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model, we boast an industry-leading implementation timeline—from concept to go live—of under 90 days. Through a BaaS model, the ERA platform is fully scalable as your business and supply chain grow. Monthly low-cost, subscription-based payments also make the solution affordable for any IT budget.

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