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Simplifying reverse logistics

A product’s journey isn’t always finished at the point of sale. Many times, products will move upstream the supply chain for returns, repairs, refurbishment, or warranty claims.

Such aftermarket services can be difficult to manage when supply chain operations are highly fragmented. As goods are exchanged between shipping, distribution, internal services, contractors and suppliers, you may be left with:

  • High accumulated costs
  • Inefficiencies that impact customer service
  • Value depreciation of products
  • Miscommunication between stakeholders

How can you optimize the reverse logistics process in a way that protects your business?

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Meet Omnichain ERA, our intelligent process automation platform designed to help you connect and orchestrate your whole supply chain.

Powered by blockchain, our innovative connectivity mesh unites data from all stakeholders in real time, providing complete transparency.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models transform holistic supply chain data into analytic insights and prescriptive recommendations—downstream and up.

Manage aftermarket activity

The Problem:

In reverse logistics, each stakeholder often uses their own systems to manage their respective role in the supply chain.

From the resulting silos, uncertainties can emerge around a product’s status, location, authenticity or eligibility, hindering aftermarket service.

The Omnichain Solution:

Immutable product lifecycle data logged on blockchain

Using blockchain, the ERA platform provides a digitized and decentralized record of a product’s entire lifecycle. These permanent and traceable records enable enhanced visibility, trust and collaboration at each step of the aftermarket journey.

ERA includes an RMA & returns management application for reverse logistics functions such as:

Returns processing

Manage all returns operations from product acceptance to transportation

Product authentication

Validate authenticity through historical data such as serial numbers

Warranty management

Verify claims with original manufacturer or supplier policies

Improve supplier integration

The Problem:

Aftermarket services require coordination with contractors and subcontractors, as well as suppliers of parts and components.

In siloed supply chains, manual processes and limited visibility between partners make these varied relationships even more complex.



The Omnichain Solution:

Enhanced supplier visibility for cohesive aftermarket services

Omnichain ERA’s supplier integration & management application offers API integrations into your suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and other partners—allowing everyone to work cohesively on product repairs and refurbishment. You get real-time, accurate information to:

Ensure parts or component availability

Anticipate increased demand for specific parts

Prevent service delays

Monitor the status of repairs

Confirm repairs are done with OEM-grade materials

By implementing ERA, our clients have seen:


improvement in forecast accuracy


increase in operational efficiency


increase in working capital


improvements in customer satisfaction

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