About Omnichain™

Introducing the next ERA of supply chain management

Mission statement

We’re focused on delivering supply chain management solutions that leverage the latest digital technologies to help global brands and retailers of all sizes create more transparent, connected and sustainable supply chains to drive business growth at scale.

Who we are

Founded in 2018 by global supply chain expert Pratik Soni, we are an Los Angeles-based provider of best-of-breed, intelligent process automation solutions. Our demand-driven platform promotes transparency, trust and efficiency from source to shelf—and back—with holistic, real-time data decentralized in a mesh connectivity layer.

Beyond connecting the data, we also show organizations what to do with it. Combining our domain knowledge of the industry with the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, our platform runs predictive analytics and generates intelligent recommendations to guide decision-makers in how to hit targeted outcomes.

Our objectives:

Improving supply planning & forecast accuracy
Increasing supply chain efficiency through automation
Improving supplier collaboration
Enhancing tracking and traceability
Reducing overall supply chain costs and waste

And more...

Our Value

Our clients are able to thereby derive more value and execute on their data to simplify, orchestrate and automate their supply chains. Notably, Omnichain holds intellectual properties related to connectivity, planogram, store- and SKU-level forecasting and replenishment.


Inbound Logistics 2020 Top 100 Logistics IT Providers
Food Logistics 2018 and 2019 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers
Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2019 SDCE 100 Top Supply Chain Projects
Red Herring 2018 Top 100 North America Award

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