Omnichain Solution Inc. Receives Strategic Capital Infusion From Institutional Investors

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Pratik Soni
October 18, 2022
Omnichain Solution Inc. Receives Strategic Capital Infusion From Institutional Investors

Omnichain Solution Inc. Receives Strategic Capital Infusion From Institutional Investors

Co-Led by Global Brain to Fund Omnichain™ Sales Expansion and Product Innovations

Los Angeles, California – October 12, 2022 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Omnichain Solutions Inc. (Omnichain™) today announced it had completed a strategic placement with institutional investors. The company will leverage this capital to unlock the next phase of growth and expansion with cross-market merchants, shippers and strategic partnerships. Global Brain Corporation (Global Brain) in conjunction with current Omnichain™ investors led the infusion of institutional capital funding. 

In making the announcement, Omnichain™ CEO Pratik Soni explained, “Rapidly changing global supply chain constraints, extended inventory lead times, increased transportation costs and a lack of integrated technology and network transparency is making it exceedingly difficult for merchants and shippers to accurately plan and forecast inventory requirements to meet Omnichannel marketplace demand.” 

Mr. Soni continued to expound on the benefits of the new capital investments from Global Brain and the current investors. Omnichain™ will direct the new capital towards implementing product innovations as detailed by Mr. Soni, “This new investment accelerates our differentiated value proposition to break away from the existing legacy solutions. It will allow Omnichain™ to scale our mission in bringing enterprise grade intelligent supply chain technology to underserved emerging as well as mid-markets. Our proprietary data modeling along with continuous learning algorithms enable a digital twin platform. This twin platform provides operators with increased collaboration, along with advanced scenario planning capabilities. It will drive greater network visibility, workflow automation and supply chain agility. The Omnichain™ end-to-end platform reduces costs. It aims to streamline technology stack and operator workflows by eliminating the need for multiple, siloed supply chain tools and systems that lack agility and future scale capabilities.”

The new capital allows Omnichain™ to accelerate growth of customer acquisition as well as success teams while delivering on strategic product roadmap expansions and channel partnerships. Speaking on behalf of Global Brain, Partner Brian Flucht said, “Global Brain is excited to partner with Omnichain™ and fuel their mission to make intelligent, connected, advanced supply chain technology accessible to underserved markets. The fundamentals of managing traditional supply chains have evolved tremendously in the face of increasing network distributions and marketplace requirements. As service chains are increasing in size and complexity, the innovative holistic technology offered by Omnichain™ can solve complex supply chain problems in real-time. The Omnichain™ platform enables increased collaboration, configurability, efficiency and network visibility.”

Launched in June 2019, Omnichain™ eliminates data silos, increases transparency, anticipates demand and proactively mitigates inventory gaps across the value-chain. Omnichain™ simplifies, orchestrates and automates the end-to-end supply chain planning and execution workflows. The platform provides strategic inventory production planning and material procurement recommendations based on latest Omnichannel demand signals, dynamically factors material and supplier constraints as well as order fulfillment velocity and logistical insights. Omnichain™ supply chain management technology easily integrates into existing financial and technology systems of record increasing cross-functional collaboration with actionable insights while automating manual operational workflows.

About Omnichain™:

Omnichain™ is focused on bringing enterprise grade, smart supply chain technology to underserved emerging and mid-markets. The end-to-end platform leverages advanced digital technologies to help global brands and retailers of all sizes create more transparent, connected and sustainable supply chains to drive business growth at scale. To learn more about the Omnichain™ Supply Chain-as-a-Service platform, visit:

About Global Brain:

Global Brain is an independent venture capital firm that supports startups on a global scale and aims to create new industries through intensive hands-on support, global ecosystem, and open innovation between startups and large corporations. Global Brain manages Corporate Venture Capital funds with 11 leading companies in each industry and their flagship funds with assets under management exceeding 200 billion yen.

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