Omnichain Solutions Adds Chris Mahl to Board

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July 12, 2018
Omnichain Solutions Adds Chris Mahl to Board

LOS ANGELES – July 12, 2018 –Omnichain Solutions (Omnichain),a supply chain technology startup that leverages the power of Blockchain,announces Chris Mahl, experienced operator and investor, has joined its Board.With a demonstrated history helping early and mid-stage software companiesscale to Initial Public Offering (IPO) and acquisition, Mahl will lend hisbusiness acumen to support Omnichain’s ongoing revenue and customer growth.

On joining the Board, Mahl said, “Today, Blockchain is transformingentire businesses and the technology is at the top of key executives’ minds innearly every industry. Pratik and Ray have deep experience in the needs andrequirements of building world-class supply chains. They bring their expertiseinto a fully realized Blockchain implementation that leverages uniqueforecasting algorithms coupled with end-to-end operational excellence through aunified platform. Omnichain stands at the forefront of bringing Blockchaintechnology into the supply chain with its innovative, patented solution. I amexcited to see how the supply chain industry will progress as Blockchainadoption increases and play a role in the advancement of a frontrunner likeOmnichain.”

With an ability to anticipate tech shifts and identify keyfounder talent, Mahl has led several major companies to growth and success.Notably, he has helped drive Oracle, Informatica, Salesforce, Right Media andJW Player from nascent to major events, including two IPOs for Informatica andSalesforce and the acquisition of Right Media by Yahoo. He developed frameworksfor leadership and management that moved their teams through rapid scale todominance. In addition to his role within Omnichain, Mahl is currently thepresident and CRO of DemystData,a financial service technology provider in New York City. He holds a Bachelorof Science in Finance and Marketing, with a minor in Philosophy from BostonCollege.

Pratik Soni, co-founder and CEO, Omnichain, added, “We are thrilled towelcome Chris to our Board. His experience speaks for itself, having guidedonce-young companies to become the key players in their industries. While wehave seen tremendous progress in the last few months, he is going to play avital role in fostering our expansion and increased business presence. I’mexcited to see what heights Chris will be able to propel us to.”

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