Omnichain™ Offers Five Strategies for Scaling Supply Chains and Effectively Managing Growth

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September 11, 2019
Omnichain™ Offers Five Strategies for Scaling Supply Chains and Effectively Managing Growth

Omnichain™, an enterprise focused on supply chain management solutions powered by blockchain, offers five proven strategies for companies to scale their supply chain infrastructures and management capabilities, including through Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). Published in its latest white paper, “On the Ascent,” these tips provide actionable insight for growing organizations to ensure that they can holistically and effectively manage their business, even as their supply chains increase in size and complexity.

  1. Have a solid technology base: use technologies like blockchain to eliminate silos that can inhibit critical decisions around channel allocation, demand forecasting and replenishment.
  2. Invest in scalability and longevity: BaaS platforms enable rapid deployments through simply an internet browser, so they can grow along with a company.
  3. Find strength in data: real-time data flow across the supply chain offers a holistic look at what’s happening so decision-makers can take proactive action.
  4. Pause and take a step back: during periods of hypergrowth, sometimes the best thing to do is to stop and have a fresh look at your operations to see what can be improved.
  5. Manage the change so everyone is on board: align the whole supply chain management team on the purpose for change, goals ahead, and how to use the new technologies.

Pratik Soni, CEO, Omnichain, said, “When companies are young, they might be able to get by processing orders and managing supply and demand with manual processes and entry-level tools. But when you have a great product, you can find yourself in an avalanche of business—new customers, channel partners, and markets. Just trying to keep up with daily operations ends up detracting from strategic thinking. We’ve developed this white paper to not only help organizations break away from legacy approaches, but also find innovative ways to manage their supply chains and proactively drive further growth—using data and technologies like blockchain.”

The full white paper, “On the Ascent: 5 Strategies for Scaling Your Supply Chain,” is available for download here.

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