Omnichain Launches the First End-to-end, SaaS-based Supply Chain Management Platform Powered by Blockchain

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February 13, 2019
Omnichain Launches the First End-to-end, SaaS-based Supply Chain Management Platform Powered by Blockchain

Omnichain Solutions (Omnichain), a supply chain enterprise focused on Blockchain-enabled solutions, announces the launch of its eponymous platform. The Omnichain platform is the first end-to-end supply chain management platform built using Blockchain technology. The demand-driven, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution enables global consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, retailers and e-tailers to drive growth, and promote trust, transparency and accountability across the value chain. Among the many to implement the revolutionary platform are reverse logistics and asset recovery services provider Segue and organic frozen food brand Ruby Rockets.

Leveraging Blockchain technology, Omnichain’s platform allows companies to connect their global supply chains with an immutable record of all goods movement and inventory from source to shelf and back. The holistic solution uses patented, intelligent planning algorithms and business rules to accurately forecast at the SKU and planogram levels to meet customer demand across all sales channels, enabling companies to optimize manufacturing planning, eliminate lost sales, reduce inventory carrying costs, and increase profitability.

Pratik Soni, co-founder and CEO, Omnichain, said, “As global supply chains grow in complexity, business performance is often hindered by outdated enterprise resource planning systems, fragmented operations and siloed data. Our unique solution is designed to help brands and retailers of all sizes overcome the challenges of a linear, reactive supply chain with complete data transparency from source to shelf and back. We’re excited to offer the Omnichain platform and partner with dynamic companies like Segue and Ruby Rockets to enable the competitive edge required to grow and scale their business.”

Segue CEO, Steven J. Vertun, noted that the company had looked at many warehouse management system software packages and associated service providers to establish a solution that would cover the needs of Segue’s very complex and dynamic business. His team decided to go with Omnichain's platform due to its ability to provide end-to-end, multidimensional automation of inventory, fixed assets and reporting, enhanced vendor visibility of product status and reporting, improved warranty tracking and an anticipated minimum 25 percent increase in warehouse efficiency and inventory processing. Vertun added, “Blockchain technology is the future of IT. While we manage our business based on many vetted, fundamental business practices, we like to be on the leading edge when it comes to our IT, vendor and channel management strategies.”

Stephen Davis, CEO, Ruby Rockets, said, "We are excited to partner with Omnichain on the next chapter in our supply chain management process. The technology is customizable, very easy to set up and use, and allows us to focus on the flow of inventory more transparently. Omnichain has been an ideal vendor and is very responsive."

Available now, the platform features include:

  • Demand Planning & Forecasting to boost sales and customer satisfaction with real-time insight into online and store-level demand.
  • Distributed Order Management to increase upstream and downstream efficiency with continuous, proactive replenishment based on supply and demand.
  • Inventory Control & Retail Space Planning to ensure the right SKUs and amount of product are available to support all sales channels.
  • Complete Product Chain-of-Custody for end-to-end visibility of product lifecycle management from manufacturing, customer/channel sales and returns.
  • Reverse Logistics Management to ensure proper handling and disposition of all returns including repair, refurbishment, scrap and resale into secondary markets.
  • End-to-end Analytics to make smarter, data-driven business decisions using real-time KPIs and analytics on every point in the supply chain.
  • Low-cost, High-value, SaaS Deployment for easy integration and accelerated time to market.

To learn more about the Omnichain platform and how it is disrupting the supply chain industry with Blockchain, visit

About Segue Corporation:

Segue Corporation, was founded by CEO Steven J. Vertun in 1988 and provides OEM tailored, comprehensive, Reverse Logistics (RL) supply chain solutions to many Fortune 500 consumer and computer companies in the electronics industry. As the industry’s leading RL provider, Segue delivers comprehensive services from freight management, to returns center operations, to OEM grade inventory processing and then the highly strategic reselling of inventories into safe and secure channels that don’t compete with OEM retail and distribution channels. Segue specializes in maximizing ROI for manufacturers while relieving them of the complexities, cost and distraction of managing their own reverse logistics at the expense of their forward logistics and A-stock sales. For more information, or call 949-589-5040.  

About Ruby Rockets:

Ruby Rockets launched in 2013 and today its frozen Fruit and Veggies Pops are available in over 3,000 stores nationwide. Ruby Rockets introduced a creamy and delicious, non-dairy yogurt alternative in November 2015, which is the first non-dairy, non-refrigerated snack in the dairy aisle. Most recently, Ruby Rockets added a new line of dairy-free frozen snacks made with creamy coconut milk. Check out its snacks for nutritious plant-based meals that are sure to delight taste buds.

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