Omnichain and Ruby Rockets to Present Blockchain Success Story and Strategies at the Ecommerce Operations Summit

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April 2, 2019
Omnichain and Ruby Rockets to Present Blockchain Success Story and Strategies at the Ecommerce Operations Summit

Omnichain Solutions (Omnichain), a supply chain enterprise focused on Blockchain-enabled solutions,

Omnichain-Ruby Rockets

announces company co-founder and CEO, Pratik Soni, and organic frozen food brand Ruby Rocketspresident and CEO, Stephen Davis, will co-present a session entitled “Leveraging Blockchain for Omnichannel Success” at the 2019 Ecommerce Operations Summit. The presentation will discuss how Blockchain enables companies to connect their multichannel supply chains to drive proactive demand forecasting and business growth. Soni and Davis will also share how Ruby Rockets is actively leveraging the distributed ledger technology for supply chain management.

The session will take place on Thursday, April 11 (11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. ET), in Theater 3 of the Greater Columbus Convention Center. During the presentation, attendees will learn about:

  • Issues driving poor performance, including data silos and reactive replenishment
  • Tools to mitigate a reactive supply chain
  • Benefits of a digitized, holistic and connected supply chain
  • Practical steps for organizations starting on their Blockchain journey

“The hype surrounding Blockchain continues to grow every day,” said Soni. “Through our session, we hope to demystify some misconceptions about Blockchain and present real, practical information that attendees can take back to their companies. With this knowledge, they can start taking active steps towards more secure and transparent supply chains—especially as they continue to engage with consumers across various channels.”

Davis added, “For Ruby Rockets, investing in Blockchain was a logical and needed step. We saw that having a distributed ledger of product movements and transactions would be critical, particularly when selling to customers online and through numerous brick-and-mortar channels. For our business, which is based on providing safe, reliable, natural and organic foods to the marketplace, Blockchain has the added benefit of providing us comprehensive, traceable records to ensure the integrity of all of our products. We would like to pass on our lessons learned so that the global supply chain at large can benefit from Blockchain.”

For more information about the Ecommerce Operations Summit or register to attend, visit

About Ruby Rockets:

Ruby Rockets launched in 2013 and today its frozen Fruit and Veggies Pops are available in over 3,000 stores nationwide. Ruby Rockets introduced a creamy and delicious, non-dairy yogurt alternative in November 2015, which is the first non-dairy, non-refrigerated snack in the dairy aisle. Most recently, Ruby Rockets added a new line of dairy-free frozen snacks made with creamy coconut milk. Check out its snacks for nutritious plant-based meals that are sure to delight taste buds.

About Omnichain Solutions:

Founded by global supply chain expert Pratik Soni and software innovator Ray Young in 2018, Los Angeles-based Omnichain Solutions (Omnichain) provides intelligent, end-to-end supply chain technology solutions. Its demand-driven, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provides real-time transparency, trust and efficiency from source to shelf using Blockchain technology. The holistic platform simplifies store-level forecasting and replenishment, optimizes manufacturing planning, eliminates lost sales, and reduces carrying costs, while driving supply chain transparency, accuracy and accountability. With its first-to-market solution, the company holds the U.S. patent for planogram, store- and SKU-level forecasting and replenishment. For more information, visit

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