L.A. Startup Poised to Disrupt the Supply Chain with Blockchain

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April 30, 2018
L.A. Startup Poised to Disrupt the Supply Chain with Blockchain

LOS ANGELES – April 30, 2018 – Omnichain Solutions (Omnichain), a supply chain technology startup leveraging the power of Blockchain, willmake its debut as an ALPHA startup at booth A-120 on Thursday, May 3, at Collision2018,America’s fastest growing tech conference. Co-founded by global supplychain business expert Pratik Soni and software innovator Ray Young, Omnichain ispoised to disrupt supply chain management by creating an undisputable,end-to-end record of goods movement and inventory from source to shelf and backfor replenishment.

Pratik Soni, co-founder and CEO, Omnichain,said, “Global supply chains cross country borders, traverse technology networksand touch countless supply chain professionals when moving products from suppliersand manufacturers to warehouses and retailers. This complicated web oftechnology and distribution networks creates too many opportunities for humanerror, data silos, and supply and demand imbalances, resulting in lost sales.With Blockchain technology, real-time transparency and seamless data flow, globalmanufacturers, vendors and retailers will know exactly when products arrive ateach check point, when payments clear and if inventory gets low, driving trust,accuracy and accountability across the value chain.”

With a combined 40 years of supplychain experience, Soni and Young possess a unique understanding of the challengesand intricacies of supply chains. Soni brings a wealth of knowledge in supplychain design, implementation and business strategy, having led numerous startupsas well as Fortune 500 companies like i.am+, Apple and Beats Electronics. Widelyrecognized as a thought leader in supply chain technologies and innovation,Young has held many key positions in corporate IT management. He launchedgroundbreaking systems for product demand planning and replenishment, which wereadopted by companies like Disney, Paramount, Sony and Motorola. The two innovatorsfounded Omnichain with the vision to leverage the same Blockchain technologythat is transforming FinTech to drive operational excellence across the supplychain.

Ray Young, co-founder and CTO, Omnichain, said, “Traditionally,organizations have relied on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems tomanage production and inventory based on market demand. But, 80 percent of in-marketERP solutions only provide planning to the warehouse level. The remaining 20percent don’t factor in store-level demand, resulting in inefficiencies bothupstream and downstream in the supply chain. We wanted to develop a solutionthat provides complete data transparency from source to shelf. Using Blockchaintechnology, we can build trust for our customers with an irrefutable ledger of transactionsand complete visibility to support business decisions.”

To learn more about Omnichain and how it will disrupt the supplychain industry with Blockchain, visit www.omnichains.com or booth A-120on Thursday, May 3, at Collision 2018.

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