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Let’s Talk Supply Chain: Digital Fit for the Future

Diane Sullivan, Omnichain’s vice president of product and operations, talks all things blockchain and digital supply chains with Sarah Barnes Humphrey of the Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcast

Omnichain Solutions
Posted on
April 2, 2020
Omnichain Solutions

Our vice president of product and operations, Diane Sullivan, recently had the opportunity to be a guest on an episode of one of our favorite podcasts, Let’s Talk Supply Chain (LTSC). Hosted by Sarah Barnes Humphrey, the LTSC podcast is a great resource for the latest insights from experts across the supply chain industry.

A successful business woman herself, Sarah’s motto is “Collaboration is the future of business,” which is why she invited Diane to share some lessons and strategies on utilizing blockchain and the future of digital supply chains with LTSC listeners.

Lets Talk Supply Chain Podcast - Diane Sullivan

Advantages of distributed ledger technology

To kick off the episode, Diane provided a breakdown of how Omnichain enables end-to-end connectivity of the entire supply chain and how the foundation of our solution is distributed ledger technology, a.k.a. blockchain.

She explained how we combine domain expertise with the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning so customers can take that connected data on blockchain and turn it into actionable insight and intelligent process automation. Diane said this is the future of digital supply chains—going from reactive supply chain management to proactive execution based on holistic, real-world data.

And, although there’s still skepticism regarding blockchain and its association to cryptocurrency, Diane assured listeners that blockchain is simply a tool, just one that “gives you more digital supply chain management.”

She urged that companies of all sizes are compatible with distributed ledger technology, from burgeoning businesses to global enterprises. Anyone in need of more supply chain transparency, visibility and reliability is the right client for Omnichain.

The Ruby Rockets success story

Sarah also asked Diane to share an example for LTSC listeners, to which she presented the story of our customer and partner, Ruby Rockets. A frozen treat brand founded on a commitment to only using natural ingredients, Ruby Rockets needed greater visibility into its suppliers to validate product provenance.

Working with us, Ruby Rockets was able to connect its disparate records and management systems and get traceability from “farm to finger.” Ruby Rockets can now easily track product origins—and pass that confidence onto savvy consumers. Notably, Ruby Rockets has seen a 20 percent increase in productivity and a 15 percent reduction in its order-to-cash cycle in just the short span of six months. You can get the full Ruby Rockets story here!

To hear more from Diane’s conversation with Sarah, including what’s next for Omnichain, listen to the episode below. Be sure to tune in to LTSC in June when Diane will share her own personal success story as part of Sarah’s Women in Supply Chain series.

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