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Full-circle connectivity for an efficient, transparent and demand-driven supply chain

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Discover Omnichain ERA

Our intelligent process automation platform unites all supply chain stakeholders on a shared blockchain network. You gain real-time visibility into resources upstream, demand signals downstream, and opportunities to optimize efficiency everywhere in between.  


real-time data and KPIs to accurately forecast demand and plan production


with suppliers to prevent delays, reduce lead times, and proactively meet demand


workflows and manage processes to maximize efficiency and productivity


channel allocation, inventory positioning and stock levels to reduce costs and boost sales


customers with optimal fulfillment and rapid delivery

The Omnichain Difference

Know sooner, act faster

We show you the big picture of your supply chain—in real time—so you can minimize risk and mitigate disruption

The perfect fit

ERA integrates with virtually any existing systems for accounting, inventory management, procurement, e-commerce, and more—seamlessly connecting your entire technology stack

Rapid deployment

No more lengthy implementations or expensive infrastructures—we’ll get you up and running in 90 days


Intuitive dashboards and easy access through any computer or mobile device means a minimal learning curve for you and your team

The complete package

No need for multiple third-party systems—we offer an entire suite of applications designed to manage critical supply chain functions

Low cost, immediate value

Our Blockchain-as-a-Service delivery model make ERA affordable for any IT budget and provides rapid return on investment

We’ll grow with you

ERA can be deployed at a level that meets your short-term needs, and then easily scaled to match long-term business growth

ERA in action


of manual offline processes automated


reduction in supply chain cycle time

up to


reduction in excess inventory


increase in sales velocity

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