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At Omnichain, we bring together the domain knowledge of our supply chain experts with cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, AI, and machine learning, to provide you an intelligent digital solution for all aspects of supply chain management.

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Our high-value, low-cost platform connects every node in your supply chain, creating a single source of truth ready and able to fuel predictive and prescriptive insights to guide decision-makers across your business. It includes a comprehensive set of applications designed to support critical supply chain functions and drive continuous business growth.


A best-in-breed, Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model allows us to digitize and incorporate new links in your supply chain as your business expands


We unify the fragmented data and technology solutions from across your business under a single distributed ledger


AI-generated recommendations based on real-time data reduce offline work and show your decision-makers when, where and how to act


Our comprehensive suite of supply chain applications eliminates the need to invest in multiple, costly systems


The immutable and transparent design of blockchain, which sits at the foundation of our solution, keeps your supply chain data secure

The Omnichain Difference

Plug and play

We seamlessly fit and work with your current technology stack—no need to rip and replace

IT support from the start

We’ll manage all integrations and bring your staff up to speed on how to best leverage the platform

Rapid implementation

We boast an industry-leading timeline, where we’ll set up a working sandbox in 30 days and a fully functional solution in 90 days

Flexible and affordable

Our low-cost, monthly subscription-based model can fit any IT budget

ERA in action


of manual offline processes automated


reduction in supply chain cycle time

up to


reduction in excess inventory


increase in sales velocity


reduction of redundant IT expenses

Simplify, strengthen and save on your supply chain technology capabilities with Omnichain ERA.
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