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Chief Operating Officer

Get a full-circle view of your supply chain to optimize global operations and drive continued growth

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Discover Omnichain ERA

Our intelligent process automation platform connects the many corners of your supply chain using blockchain, providing you transparency and real-time data for proactive decision-making


Unify and digitize your whole supply chain with scalability as it expands


Drive alignment across business units and stakeholders towards long-term business goals


Intuitive dashboards highlight process and customer experience improvement opportunities


Intelligent recommendations help you plan ahead and make timely decisions to meet demand and increase efficiency across channels


Maximize value and results while minimizing efforts and resources to save big on costs

The Omnichain Difference

Plug and play

We fit seamlessly into your current technology stack—no need to rip and replace

Full transparency and visibility

We deliver real-time KPIs and metrics from across your operations, sales, marketing and finance

Rapid implementation

Working sandbox in 30 days, with full functionality in 90 days

Flexible and affordable

Monthly subscriptions and browser-based deployment make our solution cost-effective, scalable and secure

All you need

Our single platform includes a full suite of applications designed for critical supply chain functions

ERA in action


of manual offline processes automated


reduction in supply chain cycle time

up to


reduction in excess inventory


increase in sales velocity

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