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Introducing Omnichain ERA

Our intelligent supply chain management platform provides end-to-end visibility and prescriptive insights to help you derive greater business value from your supply chain data.

Align strategic goals

Real-time, connected supply chain data on blockchain supports global process execution towards your company’s strategic goals

Inspire agility

Our AI models help you stay ahead in a changing business landscape and rapidly adapt strategies for the unexpected

Promote business growth

We enable every stakeholder to work together digitally to proactively meet demand and drive profitability in the real world.

Lead the competition

Using the latest digital technologies, you can transform your service offerings and customer experience to stand out in your market

The Omnichain Difference

Full-circle visibility and transparency

We deliver real-time KPIs and metrics from across your supply chain operations, as well as sales, marketing and finance

Curated tools

We offer a full suite of applications designed to deliver intelligent recommendations for critical supply chain functions

Simple integrations

Our platform can be layered seamlessly into your existing technology stack

Rapid implementation

Browser-based deployment provides a working sandbox in 30 days, with full functionality in 90 days


Affordable subscription-based payments and regular platform updates keep your systems current without driving up costs

Future flexibility

We can deploy a system to meet your needs today and scale as your business grows

ERA in action


of manual offline processes automated


reduction in supply chain cycle time

up to


reduction in excess inventory


increase in sales velocity

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